Dear Doctors and Colleagues,

I am inviting you to partner with "My Veterinary Surgeon" to bring a Diplomate of the ACVS surgical specialist to operate on your patients in the comfort of the veterinary hospital their owner's chose and trust, with the veterinary staff that knows and loves them.

My Veterinary Surgeon's role is to:

  • Allow you, and your clientele to offer specialized orthopedic and soft tissue surgical procedures at your primary care hospital.
  • In order to avoid confusion and give you a clear vision about how we would work as a team, I have prepared documentation, forms and protocols that we will review together.  
  • Provide compassionate surgical attention with a commitment to success that your pets and clients demand and deserve. We can work together as a team and with your client for the best possible outcome, and fulfill your client's expectations.
  • Offer presurgical telephone consults with you the veterinarian to review the medical information and plan according to the pet's condition. We will use a team approach to decide on how to prepare the patient for the procedure and general anesthesia.
  • Offer presurgical telephone consultations with your client to discuss the pet's condition or diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis, preoperative, postoperative considerations and answer all their concerns. A postoperative update/summary will be provided to the client by phone after each surgical procedure.
  • Perform the surgical procedure while your hospital is responsible for the anesthesia and provides one experienced technician to monitor the patient. 
  • Facilitate the preservation of the professional relationship between the client and the primary care veterinarian. Printable surgical reports, and postoperative care instructions including a recheck schedule will be prepared for your hospital and your clients. Therefore this should be a smooth process especially considering that most non-critical surgical procedures have a 95%+ success rate and a low rate of complications.
  • Be available to discuss immediate postoperative, post-hospitalization concerns and questions directly with your veterinarian and hospital staff.
  • Be available for reevaluation exams / consultations for the more challenging cases during the weeks following the surgical procedure.





  • In general CBC, blood chemistries within 1 month of the surgical procedure
  • Healthy patients < 2 years: PCV/TS, blood chemistries, urine specific gravity
  • Healthy patients 2-10 years: CBC, complete blood chemistries, urine specific gravity
  • Patients 10 years+: CBC, complete blood chemistries, urine SG, radiographs (2 or 3 views)
  • Patients with heart murmur: Thoracic radiographs (right lateral, VD) or evaluation by cardiologist
  • Patients with a history of azotemia: PCV/TS, blood chemistries within 48 hours
  • Patients with suspected neoplasia: Thoracic survey film, standard 3 views, +/- abdominal u/s
  • Additional tests that may be required: PT, PTT, ionized calcium, etc.